About St. John’s

St. John’s is the centre of commerce, government and culture , and today as a result of its proximity to the massive hydrocarbon potential of the region, it is rapidly developing as the commercial and technical centre of the growing Canadian offshore petroleum and mining industry.

As a result of its strategic position and economic connection to the ocean, there exists specialized and diverse marine expertise in St. Johns. The city offers expertise in harsh environment technologies, ice and arctic conditions, and oceans engineering. Its location and expertise also enables our City to be a gateway to arctic and northern regions .

Come discover one of the oldest cities in North America. A city unlike any other. Cradled in a harbour carved from 500 million year old rock. Surrounded by hills running down to the ocean. Quaint side streets of a thousand colors. Friendly faces wait to greet you. Where old and new, city and nature, live as neighbors. Come take a journey to the City of Legends.